Save $10 at Target this week!

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  Fabulous savings are available from one of my happy places, Target!  Simply text GROCERY2 to TARGET(827438) and you'll receive coupon for $10 off a $50 food/beverage purchase!  You know you'll be there, might as well save the money!!!!!!! … [Read more...]

Enter to Win A Selection of No Candy Easter Basket Goodies and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Enter to win Non-Candy Easter Basket Goodies Giveaway

  Welcome both new and returning friends to Sunshine and Hurricanes, where we celebrate Parenting, Friendship, Purpose and Fun. We have a great post for you this month featuring alternatives to candy  for your kids Easter baskets. While we were writing it, we thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be … [Read more...]

How to Save on Summer Camp Costs

How to Save on Summer Camp Costs

I know that a rare breed of parents actually eagerly anticipate what they consider to be the lazy days of summer.  They can’t wait to abandon the morning rush to get out the door, making lunches, and the crammed schedule of school activities.  While not having to pack another lunch for several … [Read more...]

Eggcellent Easter Basket Ideas That Won’t Induce A Candy Coma

Non-Candy Ideas for Easter Basket Goodies

  I'm definitely not a "no candy" mom but I do try and limit how many sugary treats are handed out at once.  I also despise all the plastic, mass produced junkaroo that enters our home via the birthday party treat bags, Sunday School, or the fabled dollar store.  For the last few years, I … [Read more...]

Book Club Banter

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When I turned 40, I made this list, in my head, of things I needed to accomplish. I actually did start to write the list down, with all sorts of dreams of a list of 40(of course) items but I could only come up with 22 so I ditched the idea of writing it down. I'm random like that. But, one thing I … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Survive Family Vacations

surviving family vacations

On a recent family vacation, I texted a friend the following question: Have you ever contemplated coming home early from a family vacation or have you actually ever done it? I couldn't believe I was feeling this way, but truly by the end of  the second day into our little spring break escape, my … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Hunting

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I have always told my kids lies, imaginative stories about all sorts of things. For instance, I attribute the noise of the icemaker to the monkeys that inhabit our freezer. Ice cream disappears in one night? No problem, blame the monkeys. I give this explanation with such seriousness that even … [Read more...]

Best Apps For AR or Reading Counts

G & A2 reading

  Schools across the nation, both public and private, participate in programs that measure reading comprehension in students that are commonly known as Accelerated Reader(AR) or Reading Counts. Students are encouraged to read daily, in and out of school, then take a quiz about the book and … [Read more...]

Saving on Kids Sports and Other Extra-Curricular Activities

Ways to Save On Kids Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities

  Sports and Extra-Curriculurs have become a must have in our kids lives today's.  For many families who participate in multiple sports and other activities, the skyrocketing costs of many of these programs is becoming unmanageable and even keeping kids from participating in their passions. … [Read more...]

Free Score Keeping Apps for Sports Parents and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Opportunity


So, who has a child that plays a sport? I bet it's more like, who has two to four kids playing about twenty sports between them? This can leave parents trying to divide and conquer by splitting up to attend all the various athletic events of their sports stars. While texting may be one way to try … [Read more...]