The Best Deals in September.

What to Buy in September

What to buy in September? Now that we’ve sent our little sweethearts back to school and we’re trying to settle back into a budget routine. We might be feeling a little bit of a squeeze after purchasing new school supplies and clothes while also paying for all those extra-curricular activities that have started up again. Looking forward, we realize the holidays are quickly approaching and we need ... read more

Careers for Moms - Teaching. Kaplan University.

Careers for Moms – Teaching

This post is sponsored by Kaplan, all opinions are entirely mine. Teaching can be one of the most rewarding careers for moms, because it blends so well with busy family life. I spent almost 10 years teaching  children in preschool and elementary schools before becoming a stay at home mom and they were years full of joy, excitement, and fulfillment. So many of the skills I used in the classroom ... read more

Best Spelling Apps for Kids.

10 Best Spelling Apps for Kids

Looking for ways to maximize homework time while you're on the go? The 10 Best Spelling Apps make is easy to give kids the help they need in a fun and engaging way! Stop nagging your kids to write their spelling words and have them use these amazing apps to increase their learning! Time spent in front of screens is pretty limited at our house on weekdays, but if daily reading and other ... read more

AR Reading Best Apps F2

AR Reading Best Apps

Schools across the nation, both public and private, participate in programs that measure students reading comprehension, which are commonly known as or AR Reading (Accelerated Reader) or Counts. Students are encouraged to read daily, in and out of school, then take a quiz about the book and earn a specific point value. All books are assigned a reading level so children are fairly free to ... read more

Easy Chicken Recipes Greek Chicken Dump F

Easy Chicken Recipes – Greek Chicken

Have I mentioned before how crazy busy my family is during the week. We've got homework, dance classes, soccer practices and then the random stuff that just seems to pop up out of nowhere. You too? It's tough right?! So, where in there exactly are we supposed to eat dinner let alone actually cook it. Due to this hectic schedule, I've begun collecting tons of easy chicken recipes and this Greek ... read more