Welcome to Sunshine and Hurricanes

Welcome to Sunshine and HurricanesHi, we're Kira (the geeky one) and Michelle (the creative one).

Our hope is that our friendship will extend to every one of our readers as we raise kids together, design our lives together and have fun together. Whether in this moment you are experiencing the joy of sunshine or the winds of a hurricane, we are here and want to hear your story.

What Makes a Good Mom?

What Makes a Good Mom?

What Makes a Good Mom? From All the Questions, Comes the Answer That Matters Most As Moms, we must question our parenting a million times or more in a week. Do these sound familiar? Am I spending enough time with my children? Am I spending too much time with my children? Am I feeding Continue Reading

Celebrating 40! Celebrating Friendship!

Random Acts of Friendship

I shared in my other post today, Friendship - My Secret to Turning 40 with Joy, about my lifelong friendships with six incredible women.  They have been one of the best gifts in my life, filling my days with sunshine and also helping me survive through the hurricanes. As I have been pondering Continue Reading

Raising Kids Who Serve Others

Raising Kids Who Serve

It's funny how the older I get, the more I really grasp cliché. For instance, "You can't please everyone" is one I have really better lived and understood in my latter 30's.  By nature, I want those around me to be happy and content but have really had to come to terms with the fact that I cannot be Continue Reading