10 Alternatives to Birthday Party Goody Bags
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The Ultimate Star Wars Printables Round-up

Cell Phone Rules for Tweens and Teens


What Some Dirty Old Men at Starbucks Taught Me About Parenting

What Some Dirty Old Men at Starbucks Taught Me About Parenting

You Never Know Who Might School You In Parenting  On a recent morning, I stopped by a local Starbucks for a much-needed caffeine fix and to get a little work done. The place was packed, and I had to squeeze myself into the only available table between some chatting moms and a group of fifty-something men. I pulled out my computer and attempted to concentrate on my business tasks. However, as I ... read more

The Best Math Apps for Kids F

Math Apps For Kids

Math was never my favorite subject in school but as an adult, I've accepted that it's a necessary evil. I'm not a math minded mom but as a former teacher, I know how important it is for kids to get a handle on the basics to form a foundation for future success. When math is a game, kids are more likely to enjoy it! Because I have 4 kids of various age ranges, there are several opportunities ... read more

Donut Party

Donut Birthday Party

My daughter, Ainsley, doesn't like cake. Seriously, who doesn't like cake?!?!? Actually, she's not a fan of dessert, period. The other five members of my family could live on just dessert, so we had her genetically tested because I was becoming concerned we might have one of those switched at birth situations on our hands. But nope, she's all ours! ;) Her favorite sweet treat is donuts so for her ... read more

Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans.

Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans

We are a family that loves Mexican food. I think my kids like it because everything is covered in cheese and sour cream (or whip cream as my daughter calls it). One of my favorite things to make during these colder winter months is soup and so I combined our Mexican cravings with a recipe that is warm and belly filling to create this Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans. Soup is a great meal for ... read more

Whether you want a quick Valentine's Craft to do at home with the kiddos or a project for a class Valentine's Day project, these Easy Kids Valentine's Day necklaces are perfect. Budget friendly and easy to make, they are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Easy Kids Valentine’s Day Necklaces

This post may contain affiliate links. These Easy Valentine's Day Necklaces make adorable classroom valentines or even a fun project for a class party! Our Christmas Necklaces were such hit, I couldn't resist whipping up a Valentine batch! Gather some red, pink & purple paper straws, as well as some heart shaped Valentine's Day erasers that you can easily find at the Dollar Store, ... read more