Free Score Keeping Apps for Sports Parents and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Opportunity


So, who has a child that plays a sport? I bet it’s more like, who has two to four kids playing about twenty sports between them? This can leave parents trying to divide and conquer by splitting up to attend all the various athletic events of their sports stars. While texting may be one way to try and keep each other in the loop on all the slam dunks and runs batted home, there are actually some great free apps that let you keep score LIVE as the action unfolds.  Angela and Heather at have tracked down some of the best ones for us. We’ve shared a few here and then you can find even more at their blog while entering to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card they have going on right now. 

The Game Changer App is the one Angela and Heather like the most.  It works for multiple sports – baseball, softball and basketball. The app allows for scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream updates and recap stories.

Football Scorekeeper is best for all us soccer moms.  It tracks the score, shots on goal, and clock time. It will even notify you when a half ends even if your iOS device is asleep or you are using another application. After the game, you can e-mail a summary to yourself, team players or even grandparents.

Looking for more apps like these and other great resources for sports parents? Check out or click on the picture below to enter their $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Also check back here at this week for other helpful insights to help you thrive and survive as a sports parent.



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